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PT. Dekatama Centra established since 1996, is a garment company that produces retail clothing with the main brand INVIO followed by the brand Atmosphere and Omara.

Located in Bandung City, West Java which has been famous in Indonesia as a fashion city, our company grows and develops with the atmosphere, so that the products produced never miss the prevailing trend.

Powered by over 300 dedicated employees and supported by new technology machines, we produce over 50000 pieces of clothing in each month. We always strive to meet or even exceed the expectations of our customers to make our products trustworthy.



Dekatama Centra as a working apparel consultant and manufacturer was born from the creative minds in PT Dekatama Centra (DC), our mother company that was built in 1996. Notable designers, seasoned project managers and sourcing expertise comprised the brand’s solid team, thus making it possible to design, manage and implement several projects simultaneously.

Initially known as a premium ready-to-wear career label for ladies, Dekatama Centra then stepped into creating uniforms as a result of the high demand for stylish and comfortable working apparel that was lacking in the mid ‘90s. Working apparel was a perfect niche for the brand, allowing its experience in retail supported the brand in mastering the creation of uniforms with distinction for both women and men.

Since it was ?rst introduced, Dekatama Centra is not aiming to be known for custom made tailoring, but an integrated top-to-bottom service provider, promising their clients budget scheduling, design assistance, wide range of materials to choose, production, and product delivery. High quality factory, machineries and employees that are all located in one complex also support the brand in keeping their products quality consistently outstanding.


We believe that a satis?ed client is a happy client. Thus, we work continuously to excel in customer relations, separat- ing us from other career wear and uniform manufacturers. We take pride in putting our clients and their needs first and foremost. In order to do that INVIO offers a range of services:

Professional Advice

We understand that it is important to have a dependable and knowledgeable partner in creating a vision and eventually delivering the perfect outcome. That is why we provide the best fashion and design consultants to work together with our clients. Our consultants are passionate and open-minded people, ready to give and receive inputs, be it about color, style, material, or the art of accessorizing the outcome product.


Master Fitting Sample is a method that we proudly use to perform measurement. This method has been proven effective and ef?cient in creating customers’ satisfaction. The sizing standards are thoroughly considered and then constructed before measurements done by user or provider. These samples will then be the guidance for production, accommodating our clientele’s various sizes and request.


After fitting is done and every user has been measured, production can start if we have received a signed agreement that consists everything from agreed upon designs, colors, garments, samples, and sizes. This will be our production guidance, keeping us always in line with the clients’ requests. Production time is approximately 45-60 days after the agreement is signed.


We understand how tardiness can be quite irritating and that is a situation that we do not want our clients to ever experience. First we give the freedom to our clients to propose a delivery date. With that in consideration, we work hard and carefully to ?nish the order and then deliver the products on-time. Our strict tracking and control system is always there to identify and eliminate any error that might occur during the delivery.

After Sales Service

INVIO stands for creating a close yet healthy and professional relationship with its clients. After sales service is one of the ways to maintain a good relationship with our customers. If factory defects occur on products, INVIO will take full responsibility to replace the ?awed products and delivering them back to the client. We promise compliance to the agreement we have with our valued clients, thus trial and error will never be an issue. INVIO believes in perfection, a value that is shared by our clients as well.

Explore Our Factory

Design Department

The Design Department is where fun, creativity and passion come into one. Our talented designers pour ideas, combine taste and endlessly work to create designs that best suit our clients’ vision. Pure creativity along with professionalism ?oods this department, making us one of the best in what we do.

Garment Department

Garment Department holds a very important part in the whole process of creating high quality products that are up to par with our standards of production. The department is divided into two sub-departments; cutting and sewing departments. Cutting department is responsible in making perfect pattern using high technology machineries such as CAD/Lectra System (automatic pattern maker) and pattern sewer machine, while the sewing department implements the patterns on garments. Our assembly line system ensures high standard of workmanship and high quality products. This system separates us completely from custom made tailors and home industries. Our state-of-the-art equipments help to maintain our quality, speed and minimize errors.

Non-Garment Department

The Non-Garment Department might come last in the whole production process, but it does hold a signi?cant function. This department sums up the whole process, applying on small, but important details and making sure there is no error of any kind on the ?nished products. Non-Garment Department is responsible for quality control and with machineries such as steam boiler and installation, fusing press machine, eyelet buttonhole, and lock-stitch button attachment, it is also responsi- ble in creating a put-together look on the products.

Our Employees

We are a big family with 1,000 employees working with us. These are dedicated, talented and highly trained people, both in their line of work and in emergency situations. INVIO implements KAIZEN quality control and work procedures which is consisted of the 5’S ( Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke or Sorting, Stabilize, Shining/ Cleaning, Standardizing and Sustaining ). KAIZEN helps us maintain a sustainable and condusive working atmosphere.


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